Tuesday 6 December 2016

P Satyadeep's The Allegorical Expedition : A Journey to the 'Beyond'

Who does not want to wander like a free bird? At the bottom, we are all but wanderers... looking for something special that we keep looking unless we find it. Very few, though, find that 'special' thing. That special thing, if we see it objectively, is the very purpose of our life. Questions like why I love somebody; why do I care for that person; why do I earn money; why should I save for my days in future and many others... all lead to a single, the core, the ultimate quest - a quest for truth. And that is quest is very well explored and answered in a very fine book by P Satyadeep: The Allegorical Expedition (which is subtitled 'A quest for truth'). The book is author's debut novel and he does show a true balance between the narration and the theme of the book. Let's explore more of it. 

Monday 21 November 2016

Blood in the Paradise Book Review

Fiction is immense and it can only keep you observed if it has something, otherwise, you will look for another... In modern day India, there are many writers and as many readers. A lot of mess is there when it comes to choosing your favourite one or read any one of them. However, some books are just that good to be read. I can tell you this because I came across such a book recently. Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar - a tale of an impossible murder. As the title goes, this book is full of thrill and keeps your curiosity level alive throughout... to the end of the novel. Madhav has done something really good to keep the attention of the author. The book begins in the form of a journal like experience, as you see the titles like '3 days before suicide... the day of the suicide...' and so on.

Saturday 19 November 2016

Go Global if you are a poet!

Poetry has become very popular, once again, at least for the poets who write poems... Yes, there were many reports in the Western Media about the decline in readership of poetry. However, what they missed was the point that 'poets were emerging' despite the readers' crisis. And eventually, as the poets and poetry kept coming, the readers also joined the rally. Today, once again, poetry has become popular.

Saturday 5 November 2016

Promoting your books: Social media and promotion

Centuries ago, the authors and poets did not need to promote their books to reach the audience. All that mattered those days was the quality of book content and also, the readers were very few until the rise of middle class in the Victorian era (and during that age in other parts of the world). And once the reader base emerged, the practice of book promotions began taking shape around the world. Book promotions in India, in recent, has appeared as the most sought after tool by the authors to connect with their potential readers.  

Why is book promotion important today? 

It's a wrong question to ask; book promotions were important yesterday, are today important and will be very important tomorrow. Authors or poets who want their book to reach on the tables of the target readers, do promote their book by several different means. Some important of them are - book reviews, author interviews, book related stories on media platforms, social media promotion of the book and the author, and many different kinds of tactics. Most importantly, the thing which has made the job of promoting the books even easier for the novelists and authors is the emergence of third party book promotion professionals. They operate independently or as a dedicated book marketing agency. Some of them also own book promotion websites. And yes, we are talking about India only!

Thursday 25 August 2016

Why Book Reviews are Important?

Getting Book Reviews in India & Other Countries

Book Reviews have been constantly playing an important role in the journey of an author. Whatever an author might be writing, unless critics and scholars don't acknowledge the work and opine about the contents, the book cannot appeal to the masses! Book reviews are that important. However, many things about this practice have changed over time. 5-6 decades ago and before that, book reviews used to be primarily focused on the critical evaluation of any book. The readers who used to review the book concentrated on bringing out the pros & cons to the common readers so that they could enjoy the book being aware of the critical points. Today, the scenario has changed. The concept of paid reviews, promotional reviews, influencer blogging reviews has emerged on a high scale. India is also playing an active role in this direction. There are many popular book bloggers in India who are making a good sum of money out of their habit of reviewing books.

Saturday 16 April 2016

ILN - A Home of Positive News from India & The World

ILN – a light of hope!

When the idea to create a platform like this emerged in my mind, I was thinking only one thing - light. Light is not only a word; it's a complete dictionary of positivity. This 'light' propelled me to take a stand and build a stage where the common people can have their say. ILN - India Latest News stands with light, light that will let you the things as they are. At ILN, no one is a professional journalist. A group of ordinary citizens of this great democracy has decided to bring the real news to the readers. Fortunately, I have the chance to work with this group and contribute my part. My ideology is quite straightforward - positivism inspires positive thoughts. ILN will focus mostly on the positive news; nevertheless, it will always warn you about those negative elements in the society, without adding that extra layer of spice!

Monday 22 February 2016

Indian Journalism

Indian Journalism

Why the purview of Indian journalism has blackened? Not only blackened, rather darkened to such an extent that Ravish Kumar had to stand behind the darkness and flaunt his ego of being a 'true journalist' with his voice only. I accept it, dear Ravish. You are a true journalist. However, you are trapped in the mud of leftist ideologies (on which your organization stands) that don't let you the things 'right'. You were trying to throw the same mud on the hero of Indian journalism, Arnab Goswami. You should know, dear Ravish, that Arnab is not made of the skin that Barkha wears! He can see what is 'right' and what is right. 
Oh! It is not the motive of my writing today. I am not typing these words to glorify a journalist and defame other. I am writing today with agony. I am worried thinking about the direction in which Indian journalism is advancing. A person like Rajdeep openly admits he is an 'anti-national'; Barkha writes a 'plagiarised' letter to the PM proposing herself as a 'bajaru aurat'; electronic media channels like NDTV, ABP news, AAJ Tak and others are ready to contest the emotions of a billion countrymen. I am literally surprised to see their enthusiasm in defending the budding terrorism in JNU. Journalists like Abhishar openly come and engage in verbal arguments with the common people and challenge their nationalistic notions. Are we really seeing it? Is it really happening in India? The fourth pillar of Democracy seems to have been paralysed and on the verge of destruction. 
However, the question stays on our side to answer. How long are we going to endure? How long will we take it? How long the people of India will be passive and receive what 'they' offer? My friends, it's the time to act! We have had enough! Let us move ahead and start the action.
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