Saturday, 16 April 2016

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ILN – a light of hope!

When the idea to create a platform like this emerged in my mind, I was thinking only one thing - light. Light is not only a word; it's a complete dictionary of positivity. This 'light' propelled me to take a stand and build a stage where the common people can have their say. ILN - India Latest News stands with light, light that will let you the things as they are. At ILN, no one is a professional journalist. A group of ordinary citizens of this great democracy has decided to bring the real news to the readers. Fortunately, I have the chance to work with this group and contribute my part. My ideology is quite straightforward - positivism inspires positive thoughts. ILN will focus mostly on the positive news; nevertheless, it will always warn you about those negative elements in the society, without adding that extra layer of spice!

We all know what journalism means. In a democracy, this profession has the privilege to be hailed as the fourth pillar. The building will be safe only if all the pillars stand straight. However, this fourth pillar of our great democracy seems to be leaning: leaning to leftist ideology, extremism, particular religion, particular person, or the particular institution. I don't find it necessary to give evidence as we all are aware of what's going around us. I don't concur with this prevailing favouritism going around explicitly in Indian journalism. Worth to mention that there are the people who set the example, unfortunately, they are few! On the other hand, this industry is full of people who seek their personal settlements. In this pursuit, they succumb to compromise their profession and the people remain astray, away from the truth. While most of the audience and readers might have settled with this approach to a profession which bears tremendous responsibility, we at ILN could not! I have great faith in 'light' and 'hope'. ILN, which bears the testimony - 'light of hope,' will do the best to change this mundane scenario where people 'usually' believe what they read or watch. Neither I nor anyone in my team is a professional journalist, but, we wish to 'redefine' the practice of journalism!

I will give you a simple example. 'A car accident: newly married couple dead' is the headline and at the bottom of the report, you will see '4 people were saved' or '4 people survived' or '4 people are safe'. The moment you see such a headline that mentions the death of a newly married couple, you will be in dismay. However, if you see it, 'a car accident: 3 people are safe' I must believe you will be positive! Our media is very much in love with negativity these days. Life is not dreadful, dear readers! You have been listening and reading all the bad things, it's natural to be hopeless, sad and frustrated! No more; no more; let's move together and bring the positivity in the light to ignite hope. I hope this effort from our side will bring comfort and energy to the readers who read the inspiring and positive news.

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