Saturday 16 April 2016

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ILN – a light of hope!

When the idea to create a platform like this emerged in my mind, I was thinking only one thing - light. Light is not only a word; it's a complete dictionary of positivity. This 'light' propelled me to take a stand and build a stage where the common people can have their say. ILN - India Latest News stands with light, light that will let you the things as they are. At ILN, no one is a professional journalist. A group of ordinary citizens of this great democracy has decided to bring the real news to the readers. Fortunately, I have the chance to work with this group and contribute my part. My ideology is quite straightforward - positivism inspires positive thoughts. ILN will focus mostly on the positive news; nevertheless, it will always warn you about those negative elements in the society, without adding that extra layer of spice!