Monday 21 December 2015

Ashvamegh Launches English Literature Notes Platform

English Literature Notes : Get the Right Articles

Englishliterature notes are an ever-going hunt for the students of BA and MA in English and Commonwealth literature. Yes, there are many websites on internet which offer notes in on-site and pdf format. However, most of these sites do not offer the complete content. They either hide the vital part to be unlocked after payment or make subscription the literature site essential. Ashvamegh is willing to change the scenario! We aim to make a platform for the students of English literature where they can freely explore everything and anything. We will only provide notes and notes only without forcing you to like anything or subscribing to our website. Come; find the English literature note you need; print, if you wish, and go complete your assignment. Nothing more is required. Will it be helpful, dear friends? 

Here is the link to the platform Ashvamegh has launched: 

You will find on this platform everything you need about English Literature. Moreover, we will be adding regular updates and you can also contribute to the platform by submitting your articles. Get ready now and write on!

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Saturday 28 November 2015

The Thought Fox by Alok Mishra

Recently, Alok Mishra has published his poem analysis of The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes. You will find this post very interesting and useful if you are a student of English Literature. Alok often writes posts about English literature and all its parts. Poetry analysis, poem descriptions, novel analysis and many others.
Here is the link to the post by Alok Mishra:

The Thought Fox Analysis

Saturday 3 October 2015

Backlink Basic: What Not to Do: Blog by Alok Mishra

Find this interesting post by Alok Mishra. In this blog, Alok tries to explain the types of backlinks - the good ones and the bad ones. You should always think of getting rid of the bad backlinks, as they might strike your ranking in search pages down. 
It has been proven that search engines like google and others look for the number of links pointing to your site as an important factor of the ranking. You may not like to do link spamming or bogus backlinking once you know the facts here shared in the blog. 
For more details, click the following link and read the blog on SEO basics

Backlink Basic: What Not to Do

Monday 28 September 2015

Kejriwal Make India First Frustration: Alok Mishra's Comments on PM Modi's USA Tour

Alok Mishra has recently published a blog about Kejriwal who took a dig at PM Modi's USA tour. Kejriwal said that make in India will not bring anything to the country. Make India and rest will follow. Read what Alok Mishra has to say about the issue on Alok Mishra's Official website.
Here is the link to the blog:
Modi vs Kejriwal and the Make in India Dilemma 

Thursday 17 September 2015

Post by Alok Mishra on Magadh University Snub NAAC

You can read the post by Alok Mishra that he wrote today about the Magadh University Snub by NAAC. Here is the link to the post on his personal website:
Read Blog on Magadh University C Grade by NAAC: Alok Mishra

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