Tuesday 18 April 2017

A Little Help for the Authors: Book Promotions

The Question Was: 
In the age when so many self-publishing companies are here, it's not a big deal making an author. However, getting a book in the hands of 'perfect readers' for the genre is still a challenge which authors have to face. They try so many things on themselves and ultimately, end up hiring some PR agency. However, hiring a PR agency which is not specifically dealing with books & authors only, can also be a disaster in the terms of price as well as result. So, what's the way out for the authors? How can authors ensure that right kind of readers get to know about their book? Is there any book PR agency that helps them with this trouble? 

Wednesday 8 March 2017

TeamBR_Online | New Dimension in Book Promotions

Should I always sound the same that people want to listen? The answer is no, and it should be the only answer! However, the people who told me that the answer is no became too uncomfortable when I spoke something which did not go well with their narrative... 

This is a classic case of 'freedom of expression' sham that's on display across the world these days! However, without going into the details of who conspired and what transpired, I will get into my main business - telling the world about recent developments in the Book Promotions strategies. And by the way, I have recently established a dedicated PR platform for authors which will help them in promoting themselves as well as their books - Book Reviews Online. This platform is on the roll by TeamBR_Online, a team of young and dynamic strategists which is always excited to take new challenges to prove itself.