Thursday 25 August 2016

Why Book Reviews are Important?

Getting Book Reviews in India & Other Countries

Book Reviews have been constantly playing an important role in the journey of an author. Whatever an author might be writing, unless critics and scholars don't acknowledge the work and opine about the contents, the book cannot appeal to the masses! Book reviews are that important. However, many things about this practice have changed over time. 5-6 decades ago and before that, book reviews used to be primarily focused on the critical evaluation of any book. The readers who used to review the book concentrated on bringing out the pros & cons to the common readers so that they could enjoy the book being aware of the critical points. Today, the scenario has changed. The concept of paid reviews, promotional reviews, influencer blogging reviews has emerged on a high scale. India is also playing an active role in this direction. There are many popular book bloggers in India who are making a good sum of money out of their habit of reviewing books.