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Ashvamegh posits itself today as the leading journal of English Literature in India. It was founded in January 2015 by Alok Mishra with a hope that Ashvamegh would serve as a platform for the students of English Literature and enthusiasts of creative writing. There is a thin line called hard labour between dreams and success. Alok Mishra and his team of talented and popular guardians of literary revival took up the task of promoting the decaying interest in literature and creative writing. The efforts started to display promising results just after the launch issue of Ashvamegh in February 2015. Excited, undoubtedly, by the scent of success, the Ashvamegh team did not lose the consciousness. 

The journey of Ashvamegh has been inspiring, enlightening and aspiring. In the words of Alok Mishra himself,

"Ashvamegh is something that will always pose like a launchpad for the masters of ink. I made an inception after a deep observation of the literary and academic scenario. You need to pay to publish a research paper in English; you have to lose your pocket to get your article on Shakespeare online; they like your paper, but, they like your budget more! I did not think it right. I did not find myself stable after I knew the market of literary streets. The effort that students apply in writing a creative piece or academic article, should not be charged with the extra burden of monetary loss. Ashvamegh was born!"

Now, Ashvamegh proudly serves as the only journal of English Literature and creative writing offering publications of research articles or academic papers on various topics free of cost. The issues come out monthly, 15th of every month. 

About the readership and popularity of Ashvamegh, there is a hope with smiles spreading on the lips of the Ashvamegh team. The journal hopes to receive the support and generosity of readers to carry on the philanthropic work. 

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  Ashvamegh Journal of Literature and Creative Writing