Saturday 5 November 2016

Promoting your books: Social media and promotion

Centuries ago, the authors and poets did not need to promote their books to reach the audience. All that mattered those days was the quality of book content and also, the readers were very few until the rise of middle class in the Victorian era (and during that age in other parts of the world). And once the reader base emerged, the practice of book promotions began taking shape around the world. Book promotions in India, in recent, has appeared as the most sought after tool by the authors to connect with their potential readers.  

Why is book promotion important today? 

It's a wrong question to ask; book promotions were important yesterday, are today important and will be very important tomorrow. Authors or poets who want their book to reach on the tables of the target readers, do promote their book by several different means. Some important of them are - book reviews, author interviews, book related stories on media platforms, social media promotion of the book and the author, and many different kinds of tactics. Most importantly, the thing which has made the job of promoting the books even easier for the novelists and authors is the emergence of third party book promotion professionals. They operate independently or as a dedicated book marketing agency. Some of them also own book promotion websites. And yes, we are talking about India only!

Will the promotions help sales of my book? 

That's a question worth of millions! The first thing that book promotions do is making 'your readers' aware of the publication of 'such a title'. Once the readers are aware, they are curious to know more about the book - and to serve that purpose, the book promotions strategy include book teasers, book overviews, book reviews and insight into the book. Thus, the questions of a reader about your book is answered very smartly. In most of the cases, the book reviews are written professionally and it provokes the readers to buy the book by putting the amazon link. And then, you can safely and surely say that yes, book promotions increase the sale of a book dramatically! 

Where to start promoting my book? 

Well, that depends; do you want to go into some DIY mode or you want to get it done by the experts? You can do it yourself on your social media pages as well as by doing some blogging. However, the best is to loosen your pocket a little and spend some bucks for your book. The book marketing experts will help your book reaching the target it deserves by deploying their best practices. Ashvamegh Book Promotion services are very popular for doing book promotion campaigns in India as well as internationally. Ashvamegh has handled national and international authors successfully. You can have a look on their website. 

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