Monday 21 November 2016

Blood in the Paradise Book Review

Fiction is immense and it can only keep you observed if it has something, otherwise, you will look for another... In modern day India, there are many writers and as many readers. A lot of mess is there when it comes to choosing your favourite one or read any one of them. However, some books are just that good to be read. I can tell you this because I came across such a book recently. Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar - a tale of an impossible murder. As the title goes, this book is full of thrill and keeps your curiosity level alive throughout... to the end of the novel. Madhav has done something really good to keep the attention of the author. The book begins in the form of a journal like experience, as you see the titles like '3 days before suicide... the day of the suicide...' and so on.

This novel tells the story of a wife Madhumita who is going through immense torture by her husband. Her resolve to come out of this state of suffering and the guidance that she gets from her sister are also the central point of Blood in the Paradise. When asked if this novel is an example of 'ultra-feminism, the author Madhav Mahidhar did not call it so. Yes, there is a hint of feministic idles but that's all valid in the given circumstances.

Another attractive and very lively character in the novel is DCP Vishwaroop. The way he acts and shows determination, honesty and his workaholic nature he is a man to be praised. However, his courageous investigation cannot put the convicted for punishment - and here is the twist.... a crime, which is all necessary given the situations, is committed; convict is taken for trial and she escapes in the greatest possible fashion! This is the story and it has been told in a way that readers will love it. Full chapters dedicated to the interrogation; a chapter dedicated to the confession and also the division of the book into certain parts will make the read worth. If you love detective and thriller fiction, Blood in the Paradise is for you... go for it!

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