Tuesday 6 December 2016

P Satyadeep's The Allegorical Expedition : A Journey to the 'Beyond'

Who does not want to wander like a free bird? At the bottom, we are all but wanderers... looking for something special that we keep looking unless we find it. Very few, though, find that 'special' thing. That special thing, if we see it objectively, is the very purpose of our life. Questions like why I love somebody; why do I care for that person; why do I earn money; why should I save for my days in future and many others... all lead to a single, the core, the ultimate quest - a quest for truth. And that is quest is very well explored and answered in a very fine book by P Satyadeep: The Allegorical Expedition (which is subtitled 'A quest for truth'). The book is author's debut novel and he does show a true balance between the narration and the theme of the book. Let's explore more of it.