Monday 21 November 2016

Blood in the Paradise Book Review

Fiction is immense and it can only keep you observed if it has something, otherwise, you will look for another... In modern day India, there are many writers and as many readers. A lot of mess is there when it comes to choosing your favourite one or read any one of them. However, some books are just that good to be read. I can tell you this because I came across such a book recently. Blood in the Paradise by Madhav Mahidhar - a tale of an impossible murder. As the title goes, this book is full of thrill and keeps your curiosity level alive throughout... to the end of the novel. Madhav has done something really good to keep the attention of the author. The book begins in the form of a journal like experience, as you see the titles like '3 days before suicide... the day of the suicide...' and so on.

Saturday 19 November 2016

Go Global if you are a poet!

Poetry has become very popular, once again, at least for the poets who write poems... Yes, there were many reports in the Western Media about the decline in readership of poetry. However, what they missed was the point that 'poets were emerging' despite the readers' crisis. And eventually, as the poets and poetry kept coming, the readers also joined the rally. Today, once again, poetry has become popular.

Saturday 5 November 2016

Promoting your books: Social media and promotion

Centuries ago, the authors and poets did not need to promote their books to reach the audience. All that mattered those days was the quality of book content and also, the readers were very few until the rise of middle class in the Victorian era (and during that age in other parts of the world). And once the reader base emerged, the practice of book promotions began taking shape around the world. Book promotions in India, in recent, has appeared as the most sought after tool by the authors to connect with their potential readers.  

Why is book promotion important today? 

It's a wrong question to ask; book promotions were important yesterday, are today important and will be very important tomorrow. Authors or poets who want their book to reach on the tables of the target readers, do promote their book by several different means. Some important of them are - book reviews, author interviews, book related stories on media platforms, social media promotion of the book and the author, and many different kinds of tactics. Most importantly, the thing which has made the job of promoting the books even easier for the novelists and authors is the emergence of third party book promotion professionals. They operate independently or as a dedicated book marketing agency. Some of them also own book promotion websites. And yes, we are talking about India only!