Monday 22 February 2016

Indian Journalism

Indian Journalism

Why the purview of Indian journalism has blackened? Not only blackened, rather darkened to such an extent that Ravish Kumar had to stand behind the darkness and flaunt his ego of being a 'true journalist' with his voice only. I accept it, dear Ravish. You are a true journalist. However, you are trapped in the mud of leftist ideologies (on which your organization stands) that don't let you the things 'right'. You were trying to throw the same mud on the hero of Indian journalism, Arnab Goswami. You should know, dear Ravish, that Arnab is not made of the skin that Barkha wears! He can see what is 'right' and what is right. 
Oh! It is not the motive of my writing today. I am not typing these words to glorify a journalist and defame other. I am writing today with agony. I am worried thinking about the direction in which Indian journalism is advancing. A person like Rajdeep openly admits he is an 'anti-national'; Barkha writes a 'plagiarised' letter to the PM proposing herself as a 'bajaru aurat'; electronic media channels like NDTV, ABP news, AAJ Tak and others are ready to contest the emotions of a billion countrymen. I am literally surprised to see their enthusiasm in defending the budding terrorism in JNU. Journalists like Abhishar openly come and engage in verbal arguments with the common people and challenge their nationalistic notions. Are we really seeing it? Is it really happening in India? The fourth pillar of Democracy seems to have been paralysed and on the verge of destruction. 
However, the question stays on our side to answer. How long are we going to endure? How long will we take it? How long the people of India will be passive and receive what 'they' offer? My friends, it's the time to act! We have had enough! Let us move ahead and start the action.
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